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Your CELL PHONE May Cause You

VodeOX International is the best solution: to immediately mitigate your cell phone’s ElectroMagneticRadiation (EMR) that can cause you and your family – Brain Cancer.

What is EMR?
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EMR product Comparison
EMR product Comparison

Cell phones, tablets, iPads, and laptops are becoming a staple in today’s society. Everyone has one; even children are beginning to fall into the common trend and have their own popular smartphone or electronic device. You use them to call, to play games, look up directions, listen to music, and surf the web. In today’s society, it is more common to have a cell phone no matter what age you are, then it is to not. Chances are, you are probably holding your own cell phone, iPad, or tablet right now to read this. Smart devices have replaced many desktop computers and are used as the sole source of all communication and web access. They have allowed technology to grow and develop into this wonderful world without much limits.

Take a second to think about how much you rely on your cell phone, tablet, and iPad and use it on a daily basis. We all use and maybe even love our devices; VodeOX International is here to educate you that those devices unfortunately, may be making you sick. With the prevalence of cell phone usage, it is important that you know the facts and you have the protection that you need to protect yourself.

Cell phones or any device that pick up WiFi, or transmit frequencies, give off ElectroMagnetic Radiation or “EMR” emissions. These emissions may be causing more damage to your body than you might think, and we have created an Anti-ElectroMagnetic Radiation product to protect you and those you love. This small patch-like product adheres to the back of your devices. It is simple, powerful, and necessary. Vodeox International wants to protect you. Learn why our product may be what saves you from serious illness in the future.

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